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Lubricating oils

SIL 172 AL

Solvent treated silicone oil for incidental contact with foodstuffs


Solvent treated silicone oil, antistatic. Waterproof. Good resistance to aggressive chemicals. MOSH-MOAH and POSH free lubricant. SIL 172 AL is registered by NSF International, in category H1. This indicates that it is authorized for use in incidental contact with food. (Vrac : n°129605) (Aérosol : n°164224)


Lubrication and mould release agent, all types of materials. Rubber mould release agent. Lubrication of guillotine blades and cylinders in the paper, printing and plastics industries.

Technical data

Flash point: > 62°C vrac
Propellant gas: butane / propane

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