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Bio cleaning table : parts washer for water-based cleaners such as KL9H / KLW 10


Parts washer for cleaning pieces with warm water or biodegradable detergents. Sécurité des opérateurs optimale.


For any cleaning operation on aluminum or steels, repairing in any workshop where hazardous or solvented cleaners are prohibited. Pour dégraissants phases aqueuses type KL 9 H / KLW 10.

Technical data

100 liter stainless steel tank
Dimensions: L. 800 mm - D. 780 mm - H. 1100 mm
Resistance: 1000 W
Operating temperature: 35-40 ° C
Weight: 80 kg
Admissible load: 500 kg
Reference Designation Packaging Unit
BIO-F800 Erreur By 1 Pièce
BIO-CAP800 Erreur By 1 Pièce
BIO-RA800 Erreur By 1 Pièce
BIO-WH800 Erreur By 1 Pièce
BIO-PS800 Erreur By 1 Pièce

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