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Microspray lubrication solution


The MOLYDAL microspray (or microlubrication) solution is used both for lubricating process tools in metal working and for industrial maintenance, in particular for the maintenance of chains and slides.

This consists of dispensing and sending a very small quantity of lubricant to the material suing a nozzle, through a micro pump before passing into the tool.

This technique guarantees optimum lubrication by dispensing regular and controlled quantities of oil and drastically reducing lubricant consumption for sawing, drilling-tapping and other machining operations.


  • Cleanliness of work station and parts.
  • Long tool life: blades, drill bits, taps.
  • Cutting quality.
  • Very low lubricant consumption.
  • Prolonged chain and slider life times.
  • Maintenance cost reduction.

This solution is recommended for metalworking with  MOLYDAL lubrication oils or in the maintenance of chains. MOLYDAL chain oils reinforce the quality of maintenance lubrication of chains in industry and meet the various criteria in the industry such as food contact, high and low temperatures, humid or dusty atmospheres.