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MOLYDAL company


A French company on a human scale engaged in certification and approval processes, MOLYDAL continues to consolidate its presence in Europe and pursue its development worldwide. 
The company’s know-how has enabled it to offer a complete range of products and equipment intended for all business sectors (Metalwork, food industries, sugar industries, iron industry, granulation industry, plastic injection, automotive, energy, etc.), where certain approvals are sometimes required (PMUC, NSF, etc.).


  • Quality policy with a product range designed in compliance with all regulations in force. 
  • Environmental policy with an eco-responsible product range, with performance equal or superior to current oil solutions.
  • Innovation policy with the formulation and testing of the products of tomorrow by the integrated R&D laboratory.


  • Pursue the development of the products and materials range to help industries to optimize the profitability of their processes. 
  • Pursue the company’s partnership with various industries to optimize its range of products adapted to the specific features andor the constraints of manufacturing processes.


  • Technical solutions to specific industrial problems: customised recommendations and analysis. 
  • Responsive teams nearby for a personalised local service.
  • The resumption of our chlorinated and non-chlorinated used products (field in keeping with waste recovery).