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Greases for high temperatures


Infusible graphite assembly compound


Assembly compound for lubricating mechanisms subject to heavy loads and slow speeds. Thanks to its high graphite concentration, it helps prevent equipment subject to heavy loads, impacts or vibrations from seizing up. Excellent resistance to water, temperature, steam and aggressive atmospheres. Also reduces fretting.


For all heavy industries: iron and steel, glass-making, cement plants, chemicals... Parts to be lubricated: fittings, cotterings, fluted shafts, gear teeth, nuts and bolts, etc.
Lubrication of seals, valves, taps, cable glands... Casting works: Lubrication of mechanisms for the control of spouts (rotary or slide valve system). Piston rods, converter bearings.

Technical data

NLGI Grade: 1/2
Load: 500 kg
Greasy lubrication: -50°C to +250°C
Dry lubrication: To +900°C

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