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Iron & steel industry


Iron and steel processes take place in very severe environments: high temperatures, heavy loads and in the presence of water. 

Very active in this business sector, MOLYDAL has been able to develop lubrication systems adapted to these constraints, both in lubricants and lubrication systems (centralised greasing, etc.).

These solutions are adapted to various industrial stages:

Preparation of materials: grab and iron scrap basket articulation shafts

Kilns: electrode arm by centralised greasing

Continuous casting: overhead crane for kiln loading, ladle pivots, ladle tilting rings, bearings, pinions, sliding ladle gates, oscillation table rods, rollers, cooler, extraction cages, ladle tilter

Rolling mills: rollers, chock bearings, couplings, pits, coiling, etc.

The MOLYDAL eco-responsible degreasers  can be used in areas with a flammability risk (coking plant) and for cleaning machines.

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