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Automotive industry


For many years, MOLYDAL has worked in close collaboration with the main automotive groups for the design and supply of lubricants meeting their demands, from the most standard to the more specific.

These products are approved and intended for original equipment of the maintenance of industrial equipment.

Whether in the fitting, painting, bodywork, stamping or mechanical departments, MOLYDAL covers all the requirements of manufacturers and equipment manufacturers: 

  • Original equipment lubricants for the manufacturing process (fitting aid, greases for mixed matching, etc.)
  • Lubricants for chain conveyors or rollers
  • Lubricating mould release agents for plastic injection moulding columns 
  • Greases for lubricating robot gearbox shafts
  • Welding anti-stick agent
  • Assembly compound
  • Machining fluids: drilling, tapping, thread cutting, turning, etc. 
  • Neat oils: deep stamping chassis parts, cutting, folding and all machining operations
  • Gas and air leak detectors
  • Multi-purpose or more specific degreasers (paint and mastic cleaner, tar remover, etc.) 
  • Lubricating penetrating oils

Lubrication materials and systems for the automatic and precise depositing of the exact quantity of lubricant at various points.

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