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Industrial maintenance


Major actor in products for industrial maintenance, MOLYDAL is contributing to the optimisation of industrial equipment lifetimes while improving user safety and operational cost-effectiveness.

To meet preventive and curative maintenance requirements in industries, MOLYDAL offers a complete range of:

  • Standard quality products
  • Special products for certain constraints: high temperatures, low temperatures, extreme pressure, humid or chemically aggressive atmospheres, for food contact, etc.
  • Innovatory products formulated mainly from renewable raw materials, providing the same or even better performance than oil bases.
  • Lubrication systems for optimised distribution (less product loss and gains in technician time): manual or electric grease pumps, centralised greasing systems, micro-lubrication systems, etc.

With its know-how, today MOLYDAL is a supplier partner for the food, sugar, granulation, iron and steel, plastic injection, automotive, energy industries etc.

A team of specialists is close by at users' disposal for support with custom solutions and recommendations.

Contact us for customised recommendations.