Manufacturer of industrial lubricants since 1958

A family-run company and manufacturer of industrial lubricants since 1958, MOLYDAL is the brand name production, health, safety and environment and industrial maintenance managers turn to. Our Research & Development laboratory gives precedence to looking for green chemistry-based formulas, and enables MOLYDAL to offer eco-responsible lubrication products.


Positive progress

Our current manager, Jean-Louis Pauphillat, joined the firm in 1975. As our founder's son, he has successfully worked his way up through various positions before taking over as Manager in 1987. His diverse missions give him a complete overview of the firm and our market, and this is enabling him to set up a new strategy:

  • Development of R&D means 
  • Modernising of production means
  • Launch of the "Centralised lubrication systems" department
  • International outlook
On the basis of these priorities for growth, MOLYDAL has been able to expand by moving our headquarters from 62 rue des Orteaux in Paris (20th arrondissement) to Saint Maximin in the Oise département (North France).
Since then, the industrial lubricant manufacturer has been steadily gaining ground on our market. In January 2012, MOLYDAL had a workforce of over fifty people, and our turnover was EUR 10 million.

Our values guide our activity

MOLYDAL has adopted a corporate vision anchored in strong principles: 

  • Qualified technical staff: 
Within our different departments, MOLYDAL develops our staff's expertise through high-quality ongoing training so that we can meet our customers' expectations most effectively. A team of experienced technical-sales engineers and a laboratory continually at the forefront of high technology will be able to meet the needs of each and every application and come up with the very best solutions. 
  • Close customer service:
Through our technical-sales team, the industrial lubricant manufacturer provides ideal cover at national and international level with our networks of distributors and European subsidiaries. What matters above all to us is a relationship built on trust with customers, by providing customised and sustainable responses. 
  • Transparent in what we do: 
From the design of our products right through to their marketing, MOLYDAL is committed to working in complete transparency. Our rigour applies at each stage of the process, ensuring reliable results in line with our specifications. Quality control of our products is one of our number one requirements.






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