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Water resistant greases


MOSH-MOAH & POSH free white food grade grease


Lubricating grease made of biodegradable esters. Its fully synthetic base oil offers an optimised lifetime to lubricated mechanisms. AGL 80 KH has a good resistance to water washout, steam and detergents. It is free from mineral oil (MOSH-MOAH) and free from polyolefin (POSH). AGL 80 KH is registered by NSF International, in category H1. This indicates that it is authorized for use in incidental contact with food. (N°164448). Certifiée Halal (Certificate n° FR10210200414) et Kosher.


Lubrication of bearings in pellet presses and crushing process (trituration). Lubrication of presses and any bearings in the food industry (can production, bevcan process etc). Lubrication of any kind of bearings working under loads, humidity, and a maximum operating temperature of 120°C. Any process in oil-mills. Can also be used in environmentally sensitive industries like marine and shipyard, agriculture, forestry, public works, quarries etc ...

Technical data

Operating temperatures : from -45°C to +120°C
NLGI Grade: 2
Charge : 315 kg

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