Industrial lubricants: Research & Development

Since 1987, MOLYDAL has focused on research in the industrial lubricant sector. Thanks to our integrated Research & Development laboratory, we can offer customised products for all industrial lubrication and maintenance sectors.


A forward-looking policy

With no choice but to subcontract all of our production, MOLYDAL has concentrated on R&D – armed with a new strategic vision. As a renowned player on the industrial lubricant market, we are now shored up by two major assets: 

  • Research in the field of industrial lubricants, which is now benefiting from investments that were initially earmarked for production. Several patents on industrial lubricants have been filed by MOLYDAL.
  • No longer limited by our own production capacity, MOLYDAL has more room for manoeuvre than before. Under these new operating conditions, we are able to offer new products combining development and adaptation to meet the diverse applications required by our customers and the regulatory standards in force.

Competitiveness clusters

So as to promote our core business, MOLYDAL is a member of various competitiveness clusters and can thus foster cooperation around innovative research projects in industrial lubricants. This partnership is forged upon a high-potential market in a specific technological area. MOLYDAL enjoys international visibility through these various clusters: 

The ASTech Paris Région cluster, in the field of Aeronautics, Space and on-board systems, brings together more than 100,000 people. It seeks to position the European leaders of these sectors in the Paris Region through innovation: providing new opportunities and giving a boost to Research & Development.
With over 200 members, the IAR cluster develops industrial innovation in the field of agro-resources. Its members are committed to the algae, timber and agricultural plant production sectors with a view to coming up with specific solutions for the industry. They achieve this through funding and collaborative projects via partnerships with French and foreign companies.
Founded a decade or so ago, the Eco-Conception cluster works on encouraging businesses to commit to an environmental approach in their organisation and turn it into a growth factor and competitive edge. As such it has several missions: raise the awareness of SMEs/SMIs and make it easier for them to access eco-design initiatives, seek to disseminate eco-design in businesses, etc.
Mov’eo is a Research & Development cluster in the automotive and public transport sectors. It develops innovative collaborative projects to strengthen the international competitiveness of French companies.






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