Environmental approach

MOLYDAL has conducted a sustainable approach in industrial lubrication, and subsequently developed more environmentally friendly products. The aim is to design simple, sustainable products whose formulation enables technological performances that are higher than or equal to current petroleum-based solutions.



By drawing on the expertise of our Research & Development laboratory in industrial lubrication, MOLYDAL has developed ester-based and aqueous-based products. We thus offer a complete range of biodegradable lubricants that already meets the multiple needs of companies even more effectively.

MOLYDAL is particularly aware of the impact chemicals can have on the environment, and as such has committed to making products as closely in line with the Eco-Design standards as possible. 


MOLYDAL is aware of environmental challenges, and has thus undertaken a product-development programme that is more respectful of the environment whilst improving users’ quality of life. To make this objective a reality in the field of industrial lubrication, MOLYDAL has set up a programme involving: 

  • Development of innovative solutions that meet our customers' technical needs.
  • Support for our customers' efforts in improving and factoring in the environmental impact of their products.
  • Guarantee of operator safety throughout the manufacturing processes.
  • Use of renewable raw materials as often as possible.
MOLYDAL has thus drawn up an environmental charter in which ten criteria have been defined, and is committed to offering our customers a complete range of products that significantly reduce chemical and environmental risks and are safer for users.

10 commitments for eco-responsible products

1/ No product with a flash point of less than 100°C.
2/ No product with the potential to destroy the ozone layer.
3/ No N pictogram that means hazardous for the environment.
4/ No raw material included in the list of products subject to authorisation (to date).
Otherwise, immediate information and proposal of a substitute.
5/ No raw materials:
- CMR cat 1, cat 2, cat 3.
- Formaldehyde and formol releaser.
- Chlorine, ethylene-glycol, NMP.
- Mineral oil.
6/ No VOC solvents.
7/ No PBT and vPvB substances (REGULATION (EU) No 213/2011).
8/ Indication of propellant gas on aerosols.
9/ Indication of the percentage of renewable raw materials on products.
10/ Indication of biodegradability.
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